Fitting a Shower Screen: Walk In Showers

Even if you’ve hired a contractor to install your new bathroom or shower room, you can save their time and your money by doing some of the job yourself. And while you shouldn’t attempt to do the plumbing or wiring in your bathroom unless you have the necessary experience, fitting a shower screen is one […]


How to Clean Tile Grout

Discoloured grout around wall and floor tiles can make even the cleanest bathroom look a little uncared for, so if you’re feeling like your bathroom could do with a little pick-me-up, the chances are that getting your grout clean will do the trick. While ceramic and porcelain tiles are fairly easy to clean, though, grout […]


Bathroom Layout

What’s the best bathroom layout for your home? Large or small; square, rectangular or a mish-mash of alcoves and stolen spaces; there’s an ideal layout for every bathroom. Get yours right, and you can turn your bathroom from plain and purely practical into a stylish, practical, personal space. Bath or Shower? Your bathtub or shower […]


Fitting A Shower Screen

An L shaped shower bath can be a great addition to a bathroom: these space savers allow you to relax in the bath or to enjoy plenty of elbow room while you shower, without the need for a separate shower cubicle. You’ll need to fit an L shaped shower panel to your bath to ensure […]


Black and White Bathroom Ideas

A monochrome bathroom scheme can be light or dark, subtle or bold, plain or patterned. It’s a classic ‘colour’ scheme that can add elegance and sophistication to almost any space, yet there are so many variations on the theme that no two black and white bathrooms are ever exactly the same! Black Panelling; White Bathroom […]


Ensuite Ideas

Ensuites are one of those little luxuries that make total sense when you’ve got kids fighting for the family bathroom in the morning, or guests staying with you at the weekend. It’s great to have your own little haven, allowing you to emerge from your room each morning cleansed, refreshed, and fully awake, rather than […]