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Get The Look – Warm Bathroom Colour Ideas

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Warm Bathroom Colour Ideas

‘Get The Look’ – Wondering what colour to paint bathroom? Give your bathroom a touch of warmth with luxury Walnut and chestnut colours.

warm bathroom colour ideas
Get The Look – Get your bathroom ready for winter with warm calming colours



Our taps are manufactured from high quality solid brass, which won’t rust or corrode from water exposure; precisely what you what you need from taps that will be used each and every day.… Read the rest

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Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Here we offer some of our tiny bathroom ideas. Tiny bathrooms are commonplace in more and more of our homes as space becomes increasingly scarce in towns and cities. By making the best use of the space you have and employing some clever design trickery, though, you can make your tiny bathroom work harder and appear more spacious than it really is.… Read the rest

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Ensuite Ideas

Ensuites are one of those little luxuries that make total sense when you’ve got kids fighting for the family bathroom in the morning, or guests staying with you at the weekend. It’s great to have your own little haven, allowing you to emerge from your room each morning cleansed, refreshed, and fully awake, rather than being forced to make a groggy dash for the main bathroom in a dressing gown and with hair askew.… Read the rest

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Bathroom Colour Schemes: Spring

Spring is almost here! Although the new season doesn’t begin for another week or so, the little bit of sunshine we’ve seen recently has been enough to free my inner optimist…

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Our Pick Of The Summertime Hues

Spring and summer bathroom colour schemes are generally optimistic: from pale, airy shades to rich, vibrant hues, decor right now is all about invoking a sense of warm sunshine and open windows, lazy days and relaxation…

And while elsewhere in the home folksy and rustic trends show few signs of abating, for bathrooms we particularly love the strong colours and rich, bold designs picked out as strong looks for spring/summer 2014.… Read the rest

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