Fitting a shower is a straightforward DIY task once you know how. Follow this point by point guide to installing our Quadrato dual bar shower and youll soon be feeling a warm glow of satisfaction with your handiwork especially when you see how good it looks in your bathroom.

Installing the Shower Mixer

For the purpose of this guide, we have assumed that the appropriate hot and cold water pipes to feed your shower are already in place.

Begin by fitting the square trim plates to your pipe fittings. Then, place a rubber washer inside each of the nuts on the shower mixer, connect the mixer nuts to the threaded connectors on your pipe fittings, and tighten.

Preparing the Riser Rail

Attach the riser rail to the shower mixer and tighten the nut enough to hold the rail in place (there is no need to fully tighten at this stage).

Screw the hand held shower holder into its place on the rail, then extend the rail and screw the wall mounting peg into the hole in the back of the rail.

Slacken the screw in the mounting bracket. Place the mounting bracket onto the peg and tighten the screw just enough to hold it in place. Position the mounting bracket against the wall and align it vertically before marking the two drill holes on your wall.

Unscrew and remove the riser rail, and set it to one side.

Fitting the Wall Mounting Bracket

When fitting a shower, its important that it is firmly anchored to your bathroom wall. Using the appropriate drill bit and wall plug combination for your wall type will help to ensure that your newly installed shower stays securely in place throughout the months and years of daily use to come.

When drilling your two wall fixing holes, we recommend that you use suitable protective eyewear. Carefully drill the holes, then tap a wall plug into each.

Screw the mounting bracket to the wall.

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Attaching the Riser Rail

Place a rubber washer into the riser rail nut. Connect the nut to the mixer and place the wall mounting peg into the mounting bracket. Tighten both the nut and the screw firmly.

Turn the hand shower holder to tighten it, and ensure that the wide end faces upwards when you are done.

Securing the Main Shower Head

Remove the swivel joint from the shower head, insert a rubber washer, connect the swivel joint to the shower arm, and tighten. Insert another rubber washer, connect the shower head to the swivel joint and tighten.

shower, bar shower, fitting a shower

Connecting the Hand Held Shower

Fit the nut end of the shower hose to the outlet on the underside of your shower mixer (adding a rubber washer before you do so). Tighten.

Fit the cone end of the shower hose to the hand held shower, again adding a rubber washer, and tighten. Place the hand held shower into its holder.

We hope you found our guide fitting a showeráuseful. If youre ready to get started with your own shower installation, you can browse our fantastic range of showers here!

If you require any help installing a product in your bathroom or would just like to get in touch please send an email toá[emailáprotected]

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