We all suffer from surface clutter; toothbrushes strewn on surfaces and towels littering the floor are all too common in many households. Bathroom accessories are little luxurious we often take for granted yet their influence within the bathroom environment is unprecedented.

Simple accessories provide the practical necessities to organise bathroom spaces for a simplified experience, whilst their fabulous decorative techniques help refresh dull interiors.

With a wealth of innovative products added to the Better Bathrooms catalogue on a daily basis, we are proud to introduce the glamorous Polar Accessories Range as todays fabulous new line. More Hollywood chic than Arctic Circle; this stylish collection offers a variety of essential items to help declutter, organise and strengthen bathroom aesthetics.

With the likes of the Polar Toilet Brush & Holder (below left), Polar Towel Rail and Polar Robe Hook (left), homeowners have the choice to select items that suit their bathroom woes, and with prices starting from just ú5.95, these efficient accessories satisfy even the smallest of budgets.

Every item within the Polar range comes compete with wall fittings, which combined with their effortless installation means any novice DIYer can bring an element of luxury to their bathroom.

For a simple quick fix, the Polar Bathroom Accessories Pack (right) tailors to the essential bathroom requirements for just ú49.95. Consisting of the Polar Soap Dish, Tumbler & Holder, Towel Ring and Toilet Roll Holder, the all in one accessory pack offers a fantastic saving, when compared to purchasing each item separately.

The entire Polar range boasts an impressive construct, manufactured from quality brass with a sleek chrome finish. These reflective surfaces help brighten dull spaces whilst requiring an effortless maintenance regime by simply wiping down the surface with a damp cloth for a gleaming shine. Cmon, who doesnt want less cleaning?

You cant really go wrong with accessories yet wed definitely advise choosing items which work in harmony with your current sanitary ware and decor to create a stylish space. Co-ordinating items from the same range also helps generate a clean finish to prevent a disjointed affect.

Why not bring an element of glamour into your bathroom with the beautiful Polar Accessories Range, then who knows? In a few years time when your getting a little bored with your bathroom simply update its accessories to coordinate with the latest interior trends sweeping the nation.