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Be gloriously drenched by an overhead mixer shower or warm up under a self-heating electric shower. Our range covers every feature from thermostatic mixer controls to power showers, every style from traditional to modern, and every accessory from shower heads and handsets, to valves and taps. Match your chosen shower with a stylish shower screen for the ultimate shower experience.

Power shower, mixer, electric, thermostatic; what’s the difference?

An electric shower takes in cold water and, like a very powerful kettle, heats the water to the appropriate temperature in a very short space of time. Electric showers only require an input of cold water and electricity to function which makes them very useful if you don’t want to, or are unable to, use hot water from your heating system.

A mixer shower needs both a hot and cold water feed as it combines the two in order to get the right temperature of water for showering. Mixer taps are able to work at a higher pressure than their equivalent electric showers because they don’t have to heat the water up in the unit – instead they take hot water directly from the system.

Thermostatic showers have a special valve in the control mechanism that keeps the temperature constant. In a regular mixer shower if the cold water pressure drops suddenly, you can get a shock when the water temperature increases suddenly. A thermostatic valve contains a temperature sensitive element that automatically reduces the waterflow of hot if the cold water pressure drops leading to a more constant temperature.

Power showers are mixer showers that use a pump to increase water pressure. If you’re already happy with the water pressure in your house then you may not need a power shower, however if you have low water pressure, or just like a really intense shower, then a power shower or a separate shower pump for a mixer unit would be a worthwhile investment.