Homeowners who are tired of the way their bathroom looks and are hoping to bring the space to life may find bathroom accessories are able to add a touch of glamour.

Speaking to the New York Times, Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon claimed some bathroom suites can fall into the trap of becoming too boring.

The expert noted the priority of many powder rooms is to remain hygienic, but suggested style should be a point of consideration that sits higher on the list.

He explained some washrooms can become too geometric a problem well-chosen bathroom furniture could help to solve.

Mr Hayon added: A bathroom should be treated as a living room, full of glamour, a place you want to show to others.

Another way people may choose to bring their cloakroom suites to life is with effective lighting.

A recent article in the Sunday Sun upheld a change in illuminations as one of the simplest ways to give a bathroom a whole different appeal.