Working for a bathroom company is no guarantee that our own bathrooms are beautiful, relaxing spaces sometimes quite the opposite is true! So one of my new years resolutions this year is to tackle my neglected bathroom and make it gorgeous again.


Dark wooden bathroom furniture in walnut finishes, beautiful modern bathroom suites in brilliant white, and luxurious touches such as walk in showers and freestanding taps combine to create a stunningly opulent look.

Keep the dark touches to a minimum in small or shadowy bathrooms and create a sense of space by choosing wall mounted sanitary ware and a frame-less shower. Add some extra light with an illuminated mirror and bright task lighting, too.

In a larger, airier bathroom, you can add more dark wood or, if you prefer, create a rich yet soft decor by choosing dark matte tiles or luxuriously patterned wallpaper.


Combine cutting-edge technology with playful designs to create an ultra-modern look in your new bathroom.

Avoiding traditional shapes is key to perfecting a completely contemporary style: designers are having fun with water by designing quirkily shaped taps which create a cascade to fill your basin or bath and producing beautiful, organically shaped pieces of statement sanitary ware like our cast stone freestanding basins.

Add unexpected colour to keep things looking up-to-date, too: black bathroom suites are eye-catching because they confound our expectations; splashes of bright colour, meanwhile, bring contrast and surprise to an all white bathroom scheme.


Get that classic look in your bathroom and cut back on the need for future updates!

Opt for timeless, traditional designs such as freestanding baths, wooden vanity units, distressed metal washstands, stone counter top basins and elegant, intricately detailed mirrors.

Then add a modern twist with contemporary wall mounted taps and a double ended bath on wooden, oriental inspired feet, or keep your look classic with painted wood panelling in place of tiles, solid wood or wood effect flooring, and pale, chalky paintwork in sophisticated shades.

Buzzing with ideas but short of cash?

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