Bathroom suites trends have been highlighted by a professional expert.

Rina Patel works for Vastu Design an interiors company that develops living spaces using principles that formed the original Feng Shui style and asserted that there is less demand for sinks built into counters.

She noted that these have been replaced by freestanding basins, which are most likely fitted with devices that save water.

Ms Patel also observed that decoration for bathrooms has become more eye-catching and said she "can't imagine anyone installing great big slabs of stone coloured porcelain" nowadays.

Instead, she pointed to interesting patterns, prints and shapes particularly ones that interlock as contemporary ways to design the area around a bath.

Trisha Joyce, who works with Decorexi a company that sells interior accessories recently suggested art by Salvador Dali as an influence in current fashions and that the Union Jack has become increasingly popular due to the royal wedding.

Finally, lights that control the ambience of a room have replaced bright halogen lamps as the choice for consumers, Ms Patel remarked.