When considering abathroom suite revamp, one expert has recommended taking a step back and planning the space by dividing it into two separate wet and dry areas.

Chief designer at Applied Design Group Sajive Gangadharan, writing for Yentha.com, claimed that by making a decision to put fixtures such as the basin, toilet and bath in one designated part of the room can help householders carry out their day more comfortably and without disruption.

He suggested that in a household where couples may need to access the bathroom at the same time, it can be worth considering the best way to organise the space so two people can use the facilities without collisions occurring.

And Mr Gangadharan also suggested that people scratching their heads over how to colour their bathrooms go with the reverse of the bedroom, as the washroom is often an extension of a house's sleeping space.

This week, Vine Digital recommended one way to style thebathroom suite is to adopt a British heritage look, with luxurious bath tubs, high ceilings, tall windows and classic colours.