Last week we asked our lovely Facebook fans for DIY Questions that they would like the answer to. After collecting a few questions from you, we sent them over to the Technical Department here at Better Bathrooms to see what advice we could give to help!

1. What is the best way to remove light scuff marks from marble tiles (little white scratches)?

With marble being a stone you need to be very careful with how it is treated , harsh abrasives or chemicals should never be used under any circumstance. I would seek the advice of a company that deals with tile cleaning products as they will be able to advise a soft solution that will hopefully bring the scuff marks out.

2. We have got kitchen taps with one spout and it leaks at base of joint, how do I stop it?

We would need to see this really, It sounds like a casting issue within the tap which unfortunately would mean the tap would have to be replaced, but if you can get us any photos we may be able to advise differently once we have assessed it.

3. My shower stays hot then runs cold and the thermometer might as well not be there. What do we do please?

This sounds like either a faulty thermostatic cartridge or if it has never worked it could be that the shower has been piped incorrectly, most valves require hot feed on the left and cold feed on the right you would be able to assess this by running the shower valve and feeling the pipes at the back of the shower to see which one gets hot and which one gets cold, if the valve was purchased from us please contact us with your order number and we can look into this further for you.

4. How can I tackle the dripping water inlet in an electric shower?

If the inlet is leaking please turn off the electrical supply and stop using the shower, it could just be a compression fitting that needs p.t.f.e tape to be applied and re-tightened but you will need a qualified electrician and plumber to carry out the task of removing the front cover of the unit as it is illegal to this without the relevant qualifications.

5. I have a crack in my acrylic bath and I cannot afford to replace it. How do I repair it please?

There are lots of acrylic repair kits on the market to repair cracks in baths, you may have to look online for these as I'm not sure that DIY stores stock these.