Property owners looking to make theirbathroom suite seem larger might like to take note of a hotel chain manager's assertion that glass shower enclosures appear bigger than their over-the-bath counterparts.

Hotel Indigo's regular guests are not treated to full tubs and the company's director of brand management Mary Dogan remarked that installing the full fixtures makes people feel like they are "in a more spacious environment".

She also explained that a lot of individuals who travel as part of their job do not have time for a long soak.

"Most business people are on the run and take a quick shower," Marriott Hotel's vice-president of design and project management Bill Barrie added. It may be that a walk-in provides easier and faster access, while still allowing for a complete washing experience.

For those with little space but who want to maximise what they have, the AquaFloe quadrant from Better Bathrooms may be ideal. It can fit into a corner and measures 800 mm x 800 mm, which could make it smaller than some tubs.