Vintage seems to be everywhere at the moment, from charity shop clothes being paraded on the high street to people opting for traditional-style crockery in their kitchens but one place the trend is yet to reach is bathrooms.

So why not be among the first to embrace this new washroom trend and get your hands on retro bathroom accessories that can really bring a powder room to life?

Adrienne Chinn, design director at Adrienne Chinn, claimed interest in the vintage aesthetic has blossomed in recent years, as people begin to loosen up their attitude to everything and start to have more fun with their interiors.

"I have seen an upsurge in interest in vintage anything and shabby chic vintage and that more relaxed way of decorating," Ms Chinn enthused.

But for those of you wanting to look forward, not back, when it comes to your bathroom suites design, then Lavinia Dargie's founder of Dargie Lewis Designs comments may be more appealing, as she suggested bathrooms of the future will include more technology-based items, even TVs!