Homeowners keen to see their bathroom suites on trend and eco-friendly should perhaps invest in bathroom accessories such as LED lighting, which is both green and apparently the more creative option.

Ashley Smith, marketing manager at Philips, explained at Grand Designs Live London that there a number of benefits to using these products, such as energy efficiency compared with traditional light sources, they offer between 80 and 90 per cent efficiency.

They also last much longer around 20,000 hours and do not heat up either, so people can touch the bulb's surface and not sustain burns.

"From a design perspective, LEDS allow a designer to be more creative, as they're much smaller," Mr Smith remarked, adding that they can be more discreet and offer people a greater degree of flexibility.

LEDS can also be found elsewhere in bathrooms the LA Times recently reported that musical toilets with LED fixtures were on display at the recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas.