People interested in purchasing a power showers for their bathrooms may wish to consider how they will integrate their new appliance with existing fixtures.

When installing such a device above a bath, people might like to assess whether they need to update the enclosure they have installed, as the heavy pressure pumped out by shower jets makes it more ideal to include a rigid structure.

Traditional curtains around the bath are not the best choice and screens such as those sold by Better Bathrooms are more practical as they will reduce the risk of water spilling on to the floor.

Grahame Morrison from industry website kbb News observed that the popularity of showers being installed as part of existing fixtures is due to the fact that the design of British homes gives them less space than their foreign counterparts. As such, manufacturers are looking for ways to make screens more suitable.

One example is the Tap Turner from Aqualux. It is made of straight glass 1,500 mm long and is hinged, allowing it to be opened. This could give people the chance to set the flow and temperature of the shower before stepping in.