People looking to turn their bathrooms into a luxurious space by replicating a relaxing spa experience could be interested in the latest offering from Merlyn Showering.

The company has unveiled a new form of shower enclosure that has been designed to use the minimum amount of material, which could make it easier to walk in.

Known as the Series 8 shower Wall, the fixture is frameless and can be ordered in a range of sizes from 800-1,200mm. Homeowners might like to accurately measure their bathroom, in order to choose the best width for their renovation project.

It stands 2,015mm tall and features 8mm toughened glass, a chrome finish and a bar, which the company noted could function as a towel rail.

Shower enclosures of this type may be ideal for those who are looking to create an en-suite in their bedroom, as the minimalist architecture means they do not take up much space.

Merlyn Showering also recently announced the Series 6 Sliding Door a stand-alone fixture designed to be fit into a wall recess.