A new shower head collection from Zucchetti aims to provide a pleasurable shower experience while also being environmentally-friendly.

World Interior Design Network reports that the ceiling and wall-mounted heads for bathrooms designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba could be just the ticket for those with a washroom that boasts a minimalist aesthetic.

The website noted that bordering the product is a cantilevered rim, which serves to soften the product and helps to make it look more distinguished.

"Coupled with high-tech capabilities, it is designed to ensure a luxurious shower. It is also tailored to ensure minimum water consumption," the portal explained.

The ceiling version of the product which comes in either a round or square design can be used in conjunction with an LED system that illuminates the water as it falls.

In a recent article for the Times Columnist, John Shultz claimed the shower is becoming an individualised experience, with many people opting for specific features such as water-saving devices.