Choosing the right shower can be tricky; theres just so much to consider and the variety of different shower ideas can seem overwhelming. But your goal is to track down a shower enclosure and shower system that will suit both your space and the individual needs of each member of your household.

Making the best use of a small space

If your bathroom is small yet you use the shower regularly, youll be looking for a shower enclosure thats small on the outside but roomy on the inside. Sounds impossible?

Quadrant cubicles are shower ideas well known for their space saving style: that curved outer edge gives you back vital floor space in the middle of the room and can help your bathroom feel more spacious, while sliding doors are practical, stylish and unobtrusive.

A 1000x1000mm model such as our AquaFloe 1000 quadrant shower enclosure (13334) allows plenty of room inside for daily use whilst taking up a surprisingly modest amount of floor space. Its easy to install too, with plenty of scope for adjustment to fit out of true walls and independent door adjustment for perfect alignment and ease of use every day.

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If your space is really limited, however, maybe you would do better to opt for a wet room design. This styling maximises usable space: with no shower cubicle dividing the room, your shower area can overlap with your basin and toilet space without detriment to your ease of use.

When it comes to choosing your shower system, youll find that ceiling mounted shower heads can help you to save space and maintain a fuss-free look in the shower, while shower panels like our AquaUno thermostatic shower panel (6138), a sleek, all-in-one design with an anti-fingerprint aluminium finish, will lend a little modern minimalism to your home.

Celebrating a larger space

Spacious walk-in shower ideas are only the beginning of the story if you have a large bathroom space to play with.

In bigger bathrooms, it can be tricky to achieve the right visual balance, since so many of todays bathroom products are designed to hug the walls. By installing a circular shower enclosure in the centre of the room, youll make full use of space that could otherwise go to waste and your bathroom will look strikingly unique, too.

Alternatively, you could opt to fill one long wall with a double shower enclosure: two shower systems; two entrances. This allows two people to shower simultaneously with plenty of personal space and no temperature or water flow compromises required!

Eco considerations

Water saving features are often a prime consideration when choosing a new shower.

Fortunately, on many of todays showers eco-friendly design comes as standard. So if choosing the right shower for you means saving water without compromising on style or performance, keep an eye out for such design features as aerated shower heads, a flow limiter, and the option to simply pause the flow of water while you shampoo your hair.

Add a little luxury

Choosing the right shower can mean incorporating a little extra luxury into your home bathroom.

Steam shower ideas such as our 1200mm offset quadrant shower cabin (10516) are ideal for the home. With a choice of black or aqua white wall panels, they eliminate the need for in-shower tiling (and all those grout lines that inevitably get dirty and need scrubbing clean), replacing them with a smooth, stylish, watertight finish. The expert design of our shower cabins ensures theyre virtually leak-proof, easy to clean and durable, with 6mm toughened glass as standard on this product.

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Steam showers offer you not just an everyday indulgence, but also provide a helping hand to alleviate muscular aches and pains, reduce stress, and improve circulation. At the right price, they can be invaluable.