People who like to sing along with the radio in their showers, but do not want to pay for the extra power costs may be interested in the latest design by Vivian Blick, who has produced the H2O device.

It retails for around ú35 and is designed to be fitted to a Bathroom fixture where it runs on water pressure. Giles Hill, writing for Reg Hardware, described it as a "gloriously simple" idea.

Once suitably attached, there are the standard radio settings that can be modified, including the volume and channel. It is a curved, soap bar-style shape and is finished in white with blue around the curves. There is one speaker situated on the right-hand side.

Its inventor told the Guardian there is a lot of in-shower audio equipment available but their batteries corrode and "more than half are chucked into a landfill".

Finally, the H2O may work best when fitted to a vertical shower pipe as its socket and battery holder are located at the top. This way, the water can properly flow into the system to make it work.