Men looking to add a touch of masculinity to their bathrooms might be interested in the latest shower enclosure from Merlyn Showering, as it has been designed with them in mind.

The Series 6 Sliding Door is a stand-alone fixture that can be fitted into a recess, which could make it ideal for installation in other parts of the home, such as an en-suite to a bedroom.

Alternatively, for those who are looking at adding a shower to an existing washing area, it can work in conjunction with a wetroom. Its floor sizes range from 1,000mm to 1,700mm and are fully compatible with Merlyn's Merlyte line of trays.

The new Series 6 model reaches 1,850mm in height but the company offers extension services to add an extra 20mm to its width, in order to fit a hinge door.

For those interested in the sliding door's sturdiness, it is completed using six-mm toughened glass and a chrome finish

Homeowners who do not want such a masculine look could try the range's one and two-door quadrant fixtures, which are corner showers with a curved shape.