People may find updating their showersimproves the water efficiency of their homes, with an industry expert noting that even small changes in bathroom suites can effect such change.

Speaking to Australian paper the Newcastle Herald, Angus Seberry manager of environment and sustainability with specialist company Hunter Water explained that replacing old showerheads with new products can deliver water savings from your shower of up to 70 per centØ.

Tenant Melissa Hatton made further comments, noting that the idea of saving both money and water held great appeal for her and she was particularly happy with the results of her bathroom upgrade.

It actually felt like there was more water coming out of the new showerhead than the old one I replaced,Ø she remarked.

Similarly, price comparison website recently noted that showers use approximately one-third the water a bath will, so those keen to save cash on energy bills could benefit from installing both options in their cloakroom or bathrooms.