When it comes to shower bath decisions, its not always easy to pick the most appropriate one, so people might find it beneficial to make use of smartphone applications.

According to the Miami Herald, Good Housekeeping recently launched a free app boasting step-by-step instructions for craft projects and home improvements.

Lifestyle director Sara Lyle confirmed that the software offers lots of advice on a number of issues, ranging from inspiration for a bathroom renovationØ to how to remove mustard stainsØ.

She went on to note that the portable nature of the program means homeowners can take their phones with them when shopping for materials or bathroom furniture.

The ColorSnap app from Sherwin-Williams could also prove useful, as it allows people to take photos of items and then find the paint shade closest to them.

Similarly, websites might also be of interest, with Google SketchUp allowing individuals to build models of properties and put appliances and other articles into place.