When choosing colour palettes for bathrooms, why not consider vintage pink, a hue that is apparently starting to come back into fashion.

As the Star Tribune would have it, there are a number of homeowners now beginning to appreciate the practical, quirky, durable style of the shade, which fell out of favour back in the 1970s when earth tones were all the rage.

In fact, there is even a website Save the Pink Bathrooms, set up by Pam Kueber where people can showcase their retro bathroom accessoriesand pledge to keep them forever.

Ms Kueber explained that TV shows such as Mad Men have helped contribute to this emerging trend and glamourise the look.

If pink doesn't appeal, however, Debbie Travis of the Calgary Herald recently predicted that caramel, poppy red, marigold, sulphur green and bright blue will all be big news for interior design this year.