McAlpine Scale Defender Starter Kit - Protects Pipework Boilers Radiators Taps and Shower Screens

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Why buy me
  • Protects the whole house from limescale buildup
  • No smell, no taste, completely safe drinking water
  • Long-life cartridges last on average 40,000 litres of water, or 1-year maximum
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Tackles limescale, protects homes and pockets!

Features we love

  • Protects the whole house from limescale buildup - you're no longer cleaning your kettle!
  • Very compact and is suitable for combined spaces and no electric supply needed
  • Long-life cartridges last on average 40,000 litres of water
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Pays for itself from savings on your energy bill

All about me

Limescale affects your pipework, boiler, radiators, taps, appliances and fittings and can lead to increased repairs or early replacement costs. McAlpine Scale Defender can save hundreds of pounds as it keeps your heating system more efficient and helps prolong the life of pipes, fittings and appliances. It is especially beneficial if you live in a hard-water area, but can also help households in soft-water areas too!

This easy-to-install system doesn't change the taste, smell or colour of the water, and is completely safe for drinking (BS-EN 1212).

This has a patented dosing system for accurate dosing. It has a visual indicator for replacing the cartridge, and we sell these refills too. It comes with a prefilter, and lasts around 40,000 litres of water on average! So it should last around 1 year before you have to change the filter. Everything you need is in one box, including the brackets and internal reducers for 15mm.

This product comes with WRAS approval from the supplier. What is WRAS? WRAS is an acronym for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and this product complies with byelaws and water fitting regulations. Commercial properties often require this certification, so if you need it then this product is for you!

This boasts an amazing lifetime guarantee. Register your McAlpine Scale Defender system for your FREE lifetime guarantee at

Need to know

  • You'll notice you're no longer cleaning your kettle
  • Protects your heating system ahainst limescale, and reduced existing build up, making your heating system for efficient
  • Provides a simple to change cartridge, throw the emprty cartidge in the recycling
  • Pays for itself from savings on your energy bill
  • Dimensions: W180 x H215mm 
  • Weight: 0.45kg
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Installation time: Less than 1 hour
  • Electric supply required: No
  • Connections included: Yes
  • Connections: 3/4" Male BSP with 15mm & 22mm fittings
  • Working pressure: 0.4 - 10 Bar
  • Prefilter included: Yes
  • Refill cartridges included: No, sold separately & very easy to replace
  • Maximum flowrate: 50 litres per minute
  • WRAS approved: Yes
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee 

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