Bathroom Mixer Taps With Shower Attachment How To Install

All it takes to add a useful hand held shower to a standard bath is a shower mixer tap and a wall mount to keep your shower head out of the way. Then you've got the option to easily wash your hair while bathing, hose down muddy dogs (and children!) and rinse the bath out after use to keep it cleaner for longer.

So without further ado, lets get you started on fitting those shiny new bath taps with help from our useful, step-by-step guide to how to fit shower mixer taps.

Fitting the mixer tap to your bath

We begin by fitting the base plates onto the mixer, ensuring that the O rings are in place first, for a neat finish.

Slide the O rings onto the mixer and place the mixer tails through the holes in the bath. From the underside, fit the rubber washers to the mixer tails.

Connect the back nuts and tighten firmly.

You may wish to use a clean cloth to prevent any tools scratching the chrome surface of your new mixer tap.

Positioning the hand-held shower holder

Once your mixer tap is in place, the next step is to fit the wall mount for the shower head.

Begin by taping the wall in the place you intend to install the hand-held shower holder. Mark the position of the drill holes onto your masking tape, ensuring that no wires or pipes already in your wall will be damaged when you drill.

Now drill your holes, making sure that you use the appropriate drill bit and wall plug combination for your particular wall type. At this stage we also recommend that you wear suitable protective eyewear.

Installing the hand-held shower holder

Insert wall plugs into your drill holes, and secure the mounting plate to the wall; next, push the hand-held shower holder onto the mounting plate and click it into position.

Ensure that a seal is fitted to each end of the shower hose. Then, connect the cone end of the hose to the hand-shower and tighten and, finally, connect the nut end of the hose to the mixer outlet and tighten.

Wondering how to fit shower mixer taps to add a useful accessory to your existing bath? Follow our step-by-step guide and get it right first time!