Even if you've hired a contractor to install your new bathroom or shower room, you can save their time and your money by doing some of the job yourself. And while you shouldn't attempt to do the plumbing or wiring in your bathroom unless you have the necessary experience, fitting a shower screen is one of the jobs that you can tackle especially if you follow our handy step-by-step guide.

The shower enclosure we've used in creating this guide is our HSK 1400 walk in shower screen. Walk in showers are a popular addition to many bathrooms, offering a comfortable and spacious shower experience and avoiding the need for a door which can take up valuable space or be awkward to clean around.

Installing the wall profile

Well begin by installing the first wall profile and the flat glass panel that it supports.

Place your first wall profile into position, 10-15mm in from the outer edge of the shower tray, using a spirit level to ensure that it is vertical. Use a pencil to mark the fixing holes.

Using the correct drill bit and wall plug combination for your particular wall type, drill your fixing holes. We recommend that you wear suitable protective eyewear at this stage. Tap wall plugs into your fixing holes, then line up the profile and secure it firmly to the wall. Use your spirit level again at this point, to double check that your profile is vertical: if it is not, you will have trouble in fitting the rest of the enclosure correctly.

Fitting the flat glass panel

Slide the glass panel into the wall profile. Holding it steady (you may need the assistance of another person at this stage), use a 3.2mm drill bit to drill the holes with which yo'll secure the panel to the profile. Make sure that you drill through the inside edge of the profile only; the drill bit should not penetrate the outer edge of the wall profile.

Secure the panel using the self-tapping screws provided, making sure you place a screw cup onto each screw before it is fixed in place. Once each screw is secure, press the chrome screw caps into place (they'll click over the screw cups).

Installing the second wall profile and the curved glass panel

Repeat the process above to secure another wall profile to your wall, at the other edge of your shower tray, and secure in place the curved glass screen which makes up the remainder of your shower enclosure.

If you found the idea of fitting a shower screen a little daunting at the outset, by this stage you'll be able to see your new shower enclosure taking shape and are hopefully feeling pleased that you decided to tackle the job yourself.

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Fitting the bracing bar

The bracing bar is an important element of all walk in showers and this step, once completed, will ensure the structural integrity of your new shower enclosure.

To begin, push a grey plastic insert into the top of each wall profile, then screw the locating pins into the top of the grey inserts.

Next, fit the mounting brackets and the wall bracket onto the bracing bar itself, and place the bracing bar in position on top of the two locating pins. Checking (with a spirit level) that the bracing bar is level, mark the position of the wall bracket on your wall with a pencil.

Remove the wall bracket from the bracing bar and, holding it in its previously marked position, mark the location of the fixing hole.

Again using the correct drill bit and wall plug for your wall type, drill your fixing hole. As before, we recommend that you use protective eyewear when drilling. Then tap a wall plug into place and secure your wall bracket to your wall.

Finally, slide the bracing bar into the wall bracket and settle it into its correct position on the two locating pins. Secure it firmly in place with an allen key.

Final touches

You can finish off your new walk in shower enclosure by sealing its edges with a thin bead of good quality silicone.

We hope you found our guide on fitting a shower screen useful. If you're ready to get started on your own walk in shower installation, you can browse our fantastic range of walk in showers here!