Do you like the look of our walk in shower enclosures but think they look tricky to install? Follow our easy installation guide and you'll find out how to fit a shower cubicle in no time! This guide assumes that your shower tray is already in position: if you need assistance with fitting your walk in shower tray, please follow the relevant fitting instructions.

Installing the first wall profile

Place the shower enclosures first wall profile against your wall 10mm in from the front edge of your shower tray. Use a spirit level to ensure that the profile is vertical, then mark your drill holes on the wall with a pencil.

When drilling your wall holes, we recommend that you wear protective eyewear and also that you ensure you're using the correct drill bit for your wall type.

Tap wall plugs into your drill holes; line up the profile and screw it into place. Double check to ensure that the profile is vertical.

Securing the front fixed glass panel

Slide your long fixed glass panel into the slot in the wall profile. Using a 3.2mm drill bit, drill through from the inside of the enclosure and secure the glass panel to the profile using the self-tapping screws provided.

Make sure you pop the small plastic section of the screw cap onto the screws before you put them in place and tighten them up: your metal screw caps will click into place over this plastic part. Be careful, too, not to allow the drill bit to penetrate the outer edge of the wall profile.

Fit your metal screw caps.

Adding the return panel

Press the open end of the return panels corner piece onto the edge of your first fixed panel, then push the glass gasket (a strip of flexible, transparent seal) firmly into place all the way up to the top. Trim off any excess at the top.

Push one of the screws provided through the hole on the underside of the fixing bracket. Place a spacer onto the screw, ensuring that the curved surface of the spacer is facing outwards. Screw the fixing bracket to one end of the short bracing bar. Hand tighten, and repeat at the opposite end. Place the finished bracing bar over the top of the fixed glass panel and the return panel so that it sits diagonally across the corner between the two in a bracing position. Centralise the bar, then tighten both screws to hold the bar securely in place.

Fitting the wall bracing bar

Screw a fixing bracket onto the end of the wall bracing bar. Popping this into position on top of the fixed glass panel, slide the bracing bar along until its end touches the wall. Ensure the bar is level, and mark the position of the wall bracket on your wall.

Slacken the two allen screws and remove the wall bracket from the bracing bar. Hold the bracket in the position you've marked on your wall, and mark its centre hole with a pencil.

Drill your wall fixing hole, again taking care to protect your eyes and to use the correct drill bit for your wall type. Tap a wall plug into place and secure the wall bracket to your wall, with the allen screws pointing up.

Slide the bracing bar into the wall bracket, then lower the fixing bracket onto the top of the fixed glass panel. Tighten the screws at both ends.

Installing the second wall profile and the side fixed glass panel

Repeat the relevant processes described above in order to fix the second and final wall profile to the wall in a vertical position and secure the side fixed glass panel in place.

As before, the glass panel is held in place firstly by the self-tapping screws which secure it to the wall profile and secondly by the second of your two wall bracing bars, which is fitted in just the same way as the first.

And that's how to fit a shower cubicle!

We hope you found our guide on how to fit a shower cubicle useful. If you're ready to get started fitting your own shower cubicle, you can browse our fantastic range of shower enclosures here.