Follow our simple step-by-step guide and you'll soon know how to fit a toilet correctly. Please be aware that this is a guide to fitting your new toilet together and fixing it in place not a guide to plumbing in a toilet.

Positioning your fixing brackets

Put the toilet pan in position and mark a line along the edge by the fixing hole. Mark another line pointing outward from the fixing hole, so that you have a sideways T shape marked on the floor, either side of your toilet.

Moving the toilet to one side, position your floor brackets 10mm in from the line which marks the edge of your toilet, keeping the centre of the brackets in line with the mark indicating the fixing hole position. Use a pencil to mark on the floor the location of the drill holes.

Drill your fixing holes into the floor, using the correct type of drill bit for your floor type. We recommend that you use protective eye wear while drilling. Fit plugs into your drill holes if required, and screw the brackets firmly into place.

Fixing the cistern to the toilet pan

Unscrew the large nut from the end of the syphon and remove the white washer. Push the thread of the syphon through the large central hole in the bottom of the cistern, slide the washer back into place, and screw the nut firmly onto the syphon. Push the donut washer onto the bottom of the syphon.

Remove the nut and washer from the inlet valve, push the thread through the hole on the same side of the toilet as your toilet water supply, refit the nut and washer, and tighten. Fit the blanking cap through the opposite hole.

Remove the nut and washer from the cistern bolts and slide the bolts through the holes either side of the syphon.

Installing the dual flush button

Unscrew the nut from the flush button and place the buttons thread through the top of the cistern. Ensure that the two controls on the bottom of the flush button are correctly aligned with the flush controls on the top of the syphon. Screw the nut onto the thread of the flush button, to hold it securely in place.

Attaching the cistern to the toilet pan

Lower the cistern onto the toilet pan, slide the washers and nuts onto the cistern bolts from underneath the toilet pan, and fix the cistern firmly in position. The nuts on the cistern bolts should be tightened up enough to compress the donut. To tighten them fully, hold the nuts in place underneath the toilet while tightening up the bolts from inside the cistern using a screwdriver.

Securing the toilet

Slide the toilet into position over your floor brackets so that it engages fully with the soil pipe and has its back snugly to the wall. Mark the two fixing holes onto your wall with a pencil, through the holes in the back of the cistern. Put the toilet aside once more.

Using the correct drill bit for your wall type, and again wearing protective eye wear, drill the fixing holes into your wall and insert wall plugs.

Reposition your toilet, ensuring that your wall and floor fixings are aligned with the fixing holes in the toilet.

Secure the toilet to the floor fixing brackets with a screw through each fixing hole, and top each screw with a screw cover cap. Then screw the cistern to the wall and lower the cistern lid carefully into place.

Fitting a standard toilet seat

Fit each bolt through an adjustment bracket and slide the bracket and bolt into the hinge plate. Slide the bolts through the holes in the toilet pan and move them sideways to adjust the fit, aligning the seat with the pan. From underneath the pan, thread the washer and nut onto each bolt, and tighten. Be careful not to over tighten the toilet seat fixings.

Fitting a Carina deluxe toilet seat

Align the fixing pins with the toilets mounting holes and check that the pins are correctly spaced to secure to the seats hinges. The gap between the pins can be increased or decreased by turning the fixing pins in a circular motion around the mounting holes on the pan.

Drop the bolts through the fixing holes and, from underneath the pan, fit the washer and nut to the bolt and tighten. Again, be sure not to over tighten. Slot the chrome covers over the fixing pins.

Lower the toilet seat hinges onto the fixing pins and push down to connect the seat you'll hear a click as it slots into place.

If the seat needs some adjustment to align with the front of the toilet pan, remove the seat by depressing the chrome buttons on the inside of the hinges and lift the seat off. Remove the chrome covers, loosen the fixing bolts and slide the fittings forward to the required position. Finally, re-tighten the bolts, replace the chrome covers and slot the seat back into position with a click.

We hope you found our guide on how to fit a toilet useful. If ready to get started installing a toilet in your bathroom, you can browse our fantastic toilet range here.