We've used the example of our Curve bath shower mixer tap to show you how to install a mixer tap. This is a relatively quick and simple process if you follow the instructions given.

Please do note that we've assumed that your tap plumbing is already in place at the start of this installation.

Mixer connectors

Your mixer connectors should have been plumbed in your wall with their centres 150mm apart. To begin your mixer tap installation, screw a trim plate onto each mixer connector, ensuring that each square trim plate sits level.

Attaching the mixer tap

Fit rubber washers into each of the mixer nuts; slide the tap onto the mixer connectors, and tighten up each of the nuts.

To avoid damage to the chrome finish of your tap, it may be best to insert a small piece of a soft cloth between your spanner and the mixer nuts as you tighten up the nuts.

Installing the hand-held shower holder

Remove the chrome cover, position the hand-held shower holder against the wall, and mark the drill holes with a pencil. Be sure when you do this that the wider opening for the hand shower is facing upwards.

Now drill your fixing holes, making sure that you use the appropriate drill bit and wall plug combination for your wall type. At this stage we do recommend that you wear suitable protective eye wear.

Slide the screws through the hand shower holder and secure it firmly in position, then re-fit the front chrome cover.

Fitting the shower hose

Slot rubber washers into the ends of the shower hose. Connect the cone end of the shower hose to the hand-held shower, tighten it up, and place the hand-held shower into its holder.

Connect the nut end of the hose to the mixer outlet and tighten firmly.

We hope you found our guide on how to install a mixer tap useful.