Not sure how to install a wall hung basin? Its easy enough once you know how but a DIY task like this can be intimidating if you've never tried anything similar before. Our step-by-step guide to installing our Virtuo wall hung basin will help you get this essential bathroom installation right first time.

Getting started
You'll need to decide whereabouts your basin should be positioned and at what height: if you're using an existing water supply this will help to dictate the position of your new basin; if not, please note that this guide does not cover plumbing in your basin.

Between 800-850mm is generally accepted as a comfortable height for a bathroom basin. If you are particularly tall, though, you may like to install your basin a little higher.

Measuring up

You should begin by measuring from the top edge of the basin to the centre point between the two fixing holes, then measure the distance in between the fixing holes.

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Positioning your basin

Having decided whereabouts on your wall youd like the top edge of your basin to be, stick a strip of masking tape on the wall. Mark the intended height of the top edge of the basin on your masking tape with a pencil.

Then place another strip of masking tape below the first and measure downward from your top edge, using the first of your basin measurements (above) to find the height for your fixing holes. Mark a line on your masking tape here, using a spirit level to get the line perfectly horizontal.

Next, measure across the wall to locate the optimum position for the centre of the basin and mark this position on your line.

Finally, using the second of the measurements previously taken (the distance between your fixing holes), you can measure outwards along the central line and mark the position of the two basin fixing holes on your masking tape.


Drill your wall fixing holes, making sure that you use the appropriate drill bit and wall plug combination for your wall type. At this stage we recommend that you wear suitable protective eyewear.

If using wall plugs, tap them gently into place.

Fixing the basin in place

Insert the wall anchors into your fixing holes and tighten them using a spanner. Don't forget that once your basin is in place it will be fixed onto the wall anchors with a flanged collar sleeve, washer and nut: make sure you leave enough of the wall anchor thread protruding from the wall for this to be possible.

Once the wall anchors are in place, check that they are level, and remove the masking tape from your wall.

Then, set the basin onto the wall anchors and fit the flanged collar sleeve, washer and nut, in this order, to each wall anchor. Level up the basin (using a spirit level) and tighten the nuts securely.

And now you know how to install a wall hung basin!

We hope you found our guide to how to install a wall hung basin useful. If you're ready to get started with your own wall hung basin installation, you can browse our fantastic range of basins here!