Our range of Ecobar showers hits the shops (and the website) today, with a set of new, ultra thin, showers that have a polished chrome finish you'll love.

Adding to what were sure youll agree is already an impressive selection of bar valve showers, this new range features an ultra-thin shower rose in two sizes (200mm and 300mm) and shapes (circular and square). Its easy on the eye and easy to clean, too, because of the heads specially designed rubber inserts. Theres an exposed thermostatic bar valve which has an anti-scald control. While this is useful if youve got kids, or youre prone to knocking the temperature controls as you shower, it can be overridden manually if you prefer your showers hot!

The system has a rigid shower riser, so the height of your shower head is fixed, but there is more flexibility for directional change due to the swivel facility on the shower head. If you dont always want an overhead deluge of water, the dual riser shower option offers a separate, smaller shower head on a riser rail, to which you can divert the water for more control whenever you please.

These new Ecobar showers can be seen both on the Better Bathrooms website and in our three UK showrooms, where our well-informed showroom assistants will be happy to help you choose from a huge selection of bathroom showers, shower enclosures and accessories, all at great prices.