After a few black and white bathroom ideas? You've come to the right place!

Here at Better Bathrooms we believe in the power of monochrome. Well suited to both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, a simple black and white colour scheme can elevate any bathroom from boring to beautiful and there's no tricky colour matching to worry about either.

Its all about balance

Visual balance is perhaps the most important aspect of room design, and when you're creating a black and white room scheme it becomes more important than ever, because the best black and white bathroom ideas take two extremes and balance them against each other for maximum effect.

So, how do you achieve visually balanced decor? Well say your floor is black. Unless you're going for an ultra dramatic all-black bathroom, you'll need some white to even that out: white walls are the obvious choice but with a black floor and four white walls, the room probably looks a bit dull, especially if your bathroom fittings are all white, too.

Create contrast

So, why not create a feature wall to balance out your black and white bathroom?

Add a beautiful black patterned mirror (like our Flora bathroom mirror) to an all black wall to create a dark and subtly exotic backdrop for a striking black and white vanity unit like our Eden 75 vanity, a luxuriously wide basin unit with a high gloss white finish and a black sparkle top that just oozes decadence.

Create a focal point

If black and white bathroom tiles are on your shopping list, our Auro Blanco wall tiles will help you build that all-important flawless white finish against which you can set a striking feature item such as a shapely black and white roll top bath.

Many black and white bathroom ideas revolve around sharp lines and straight edges, setting black squarely against white but we think curves can suit a monochrome approach too. And with a beautiful bath like our Lunar black luxury slipper bath flaunting its curves at centre stage in your new bathroom, were sure you'll agree!

Add a little warmth

While undoubtedly stylish, a black and white bathroom can sometimes seem cold, so you'll need to add warmth to your space. Our Nevada beta heat gloss black Colosseum radiator is an affordable luxury that can blend in or stand out its up to you. Use it on a white wall as a zone marker (visually defining the space between your shower and your basin, perhaps) or position it on a black wall for maximum subtlety as well as maximum style.