Wondering how to fit a sink? It really couldnt be easier. Weve provided a step-by-step guide to installing our popular Tabor basin. Simply read through the guide below or take a look at the video before you begin its up to you!

Attaching the waste

Well start by fitting the thinner of the two rubber seals provided onto the waste body. Once this is done, push the waste through the hole in the basin and fit the second (thicker) rubber seal onto the waste body below the basin. Finally, screw the back nut onto the waste and tighten it, being careful not to overtighten.

A bead of sealant can be used between the waste and the basin, on either side, for added security.


Fitting the mixer tap to the sink

Place the base plate onto the bottom of the mixer tap, ensuring that the base plate O ring is fitted. Screw the flexi tails into the mixer inlets, hand tight, and screw the fixing bars into the mixer.

Next, push the flexi tails through the tap hole in the basin. Fit the rubber horseshoe washer onto the fixing bars, then fit the metal horseshoe plate.

Finally, screw on the fixing nuts and tighten them to secure the mixer tap in position.


Securing the basin and pedestal

Position the pedestal against the wall in your preferred location. Place the basin on top of the pedestal and use a spirit level to check that the basin is level.

Then mark your drill holes on the wall. Youll need to make sure that there are no pipes or wires in the wall behind the basin that could be damaged when you drill your fixing holes.

Remove the basin and drill your holes, making sure that you use the appropriate drill bit and wall plug combination for your particular wall type.

Tap wall plugs into your fixing holes, then replace the basin and secure it, using suitable fixings.


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