Wondering how to fit a vanity unit? Wonder no more. With the aid of our step-by-step guide, your new vanity unit and drawers will be in place in no time, and with a professional finish to boot!

Installing the Basin Unit

First, position your new basin unit against the wall in your preferred location. Remember that the drawer unit will be immediately alongside and joined to the basin unit by the basin: allow enough wall space to install the full piece of furniture. Check that it is level before continuing with your installation.

Use an L bracket and mark the position of the bracket on both the inside of the unit and the wall. Then, drill your wall fixing holes, making sure you use the correct drill bit and wall plug combination for your wall type. We recommend that you use protective eyewear at this stage, too.

Drill small pilot holes into the inside of the unit where marked, being careful not to drill right through the side of the unit. Then attach the L shaped brackets to the inside of the unit.

Finally, place the unit back in position against the wall, check that its level, and secure it firmly to the wall.

how to fit a vanity unit

Installing the Drawer Unit

Remove the screws that are holding the handles inside the drawers and re-fit a handle to the outside of each drawer. Then position the drawer unit against the wall, right next to the basin unit.

Ensure that the unit is level, then mark a line with a pencil onto your wall, across the full width of the unit. Measure in 100mm from both sides of the unit and mark this point on your unit. Removing the unit from the wall, measure 40mm down from the top of the unit (at the two marked 100mm points) and mark your drill holes.

Drill two holes into your drawer unit using a countersunk wood bit. Replace the unit against the wall and, using a suitable drill bit for your wall type, drill through the holes in the unit, just enough to mark the wall. Alternatively, you could push a pencil through your drill holes to mark the wall.

Remove the unit from the wall once more and drill your wall fixing holes. Reposition the unit, double checking that it is level, and secure it to the wall.

how to fit a vanity unit

Fitting the Basin

Fit the washer over the basin waste, then pass the basin waste though the basin waste hole. Next, fit the back washer, the overflow collar, and a final washer and tighten, using a back nut spanner.

Attach the flexible overflow pipe to the overflow collar and overflow outlet. Screw the flexi-tails into the base of the tap (hand tight only). Insert the threaded screws into the base of the tap and slide the tap into place on the basin. Place the rubber horseshoe washer and the metal horseshoe washer over the threaded screws and secure the tap in place using the two brass nuts provided.

Then, run a bead of silicone around the top edge of the basin and drawer units. Lower the basin into position. Finally, apply another bead of silicone along the width of the basin to seal the back of your new basin against your wall.

how to fit a vanity unit

We hope you found our guide on how to fit a vanity unit useful. If youre ready to get started on your own vanity unit installation, you can browse our fantastic range of vanity unitsáhere!

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