Shower panels can be a fantastic addition to a contemporary bathroom: theyre sleek and stylish as well as powerful and multifunctional. The perfect showering solution, you could say. And, while understanding exactly how to install a shower panel sounds tricky, youll find it can be really quite straightforward if you follow our handy step-by-step guide.

We do recommend that any shower you buy should be fitted by a qualified installer, both to ensure that you get the best performance and longevity possible from the appliance and to avoid potential mishaps. Our installation guide should provide you with a few handy hints to ease the process along, but its no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Attaching the overhead shower to the main panel

The process of installing a shower begins with the simple step of fixing the overhead shower section onto the main body of the shower panel. To do this, align the holes in the shower head with the holes in the top of the main panel, slide a bolt through each of the holes, screw a nut onto each bolt, and tighten.

To connect the water supply from the shower panel to the main shower head, feed the water tube up through the slot at the top of the main panel, place the jubilee clip provided onto the end of the tube, and push the tube onto the shower head elbow. Ensure jubilee clip is properly positioned on the shower head elbow and tighten the screw to hold the tube firmly in place.

How to Install a Shower Panel - Attaching the overhead
Attaching the overhead

Installing the hand-held shower holder

Slot the hand-held shower holder through the side of the shower panel; fit a rubber washer and back nut (on the inside of the panel) and tighten. Then fit a washer into the elbow of the tube, position the elbow onto the hand-held shower holder thread and tighten.

Positioning your shower panel

First, measure the distance from the bottom of the panel to the bottom fixing plate, then from the bottom fixing plate to the top fixing plate.

Next, holding the panel in its desired location on your wall, mark the position of the bottom of the panel with a pencil line. Putting the panel to one side, you can then measure up to mark the height of the bottom and then the top fixings, using the measurements previously noted down.

Youll need to mark a vertical line on your wall to ensure that your top and bottom fixings are directly in line with each other. Once youre happy, mark the final position of the fixing holes, ensuring that theyre equidistant to either side of your vertical line so that the panel will sit straight on the wall.

When drilling the fixing holes, ensure that you use the correct drill bit and wall plugs for your wall type. We also advise the use of protective eyewear when drilling.

Finally, screw the shower panel mounting brackets to the wall.

How to Install a Shower Panel - Connecting to water supply
Connect your shower panel to the water supply

Connecting your shower panel to the water supply

Connect the blue graded tail on the shower panel to the cold water supply and the red graded tail to the hot water supply, and tighten.

Once your panel is connected up to the mains water supply, you can slide it carefully down, over the wall fixing brackets, into position.

How to Install a Shower Panel - Mounting Brackets
Screw the shower panel mounting brackets to the wall

And finally, attaching the hand-held shower head

To attach the hand-held shower head, fit a rubber washer into the nut end of the shower hose and connect it to the hand-held shower holder, then tighten. Next, fit another rubber washer into the cone shaped end of the shower hose, connect this up to the hand-held shower head and tighten. Place the hand-held shower head into its holder, and youre done.

How to Install a Shower Panel - Attaching shower head
Attach the shower head to complete the shower panel

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