The fashion for minimal, austere bathrooms is out. Enter the indulgent and exotic pampering chamber which embraces all things luxurious and original.

According to the HGTV Design Happens blog, taking a pinch of Moroccan chic and infusing your home with this ethnic style can transform a propertys interior and the washroom should not be left out of the action.

The website suggested emulating the style of the rooms at the Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel in Marrakech using saffron shades and geometric tile patterns and mosaics, with block colouring using feature walls.

Peacock Pavilions also makes good use of peacock feathers and the colours associated with the beautiful birds, while low chairs and tables feature in almost every room.

Your bathroom floor could look fantastic with some ethnic-style tiling, adding a flash of the exotic to an otherwise dull washroom.

According to interior designer Jamie Hempsall, writing for the Yorkshire Post, ceramic or stone bathroom tiles make the perfect underfoot surface for this space.